Thursday, April 3, 2014

WWi: The NSA, Edward Snowden and the Global War on Privacy

Edward Snowden has recently released further documents revealing United States monitoring activities on Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications company. Allegedly, the United States National Security Agency was looking for ties between Huawei executives and the Chinese government and military. 
Huawei has been caught in the latest NSA scandal involving Edward Snowden
Ever since his first contact with Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian in late 2012 and the subsequent release of sensitive documents, Snowden has become a champion of freedom of speech. He has been voted as the Guardian’s 2013 person of the year, Rector of the University of Glasgow and the Sam Adams Award among countless other nominations and recognitions. Snowden’s revelations have drawn significant attention to the extent of government intra-national and international spying. The big consequence of the so-called Snowden effect, as printed by the Economist, will be increased vigilance as both companies and countries erect borders in cyberspace.

Is Edward Snowden a Hero or a Traitor on Global Information Security?
But not everyone has been made better off. Revelations of NSA spying have affected companies and governments all over the world. For example, Microsoft has lost billions of dollars in revenue as customers, such as the Brazilian government, refuse to renew contracts. IBM is spending an excess of a billion dollars erecting overseas data centers to reassure foreign clients. Foreign technology companies are enjoying high sales as customers around the world shun United States providers in fear of the prying eyes of the United States Government. Furthermore, Snowden’s documents have brought light to European and Asian government spying as well. It is clear that government monitoring is clearly a global phenomenon and not one unique of the United States. Furthermore, it is important to recognize that government spying does provide some positive externalities to society – subjects such as “bomb assembly” and “child pornography” should be monitored.

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Is Edward Snowden a Hero or a Traitor?

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