Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wacky Polls Pt.1

We've recently noticed some intriguing online polls from our users on www.votetrends.com. Here are 5 of most interesting polls created on votetrends in the past month. You'll want to check these out; the voting options are even better. Let’s see how the vote trends turn out!

Click on poll questions to view online poll results:

5. Have you ever been "catfished"?

4. If you're a man, when you shave your face, do you keep the water running the whole time?

3. Would you wear socks with flip flops?

2. Would putting a bit of Baileys in my pancake mix be a good idea?

And the wackiest online poll question goes to... *drum roll*...

1.Which is your favorite mystical character?

Happy week everyone! Keep creating polls and voting!

- Niral