Saturday, March 30, 2013

Privacy on the internet

We all know that websites like Google and Facebook sell your personal information to advertisers, and sites like Spokeo make that information searchable to anyone and everyone on the internet. Scary, right? This leaves us all wondering which websites actually value the privacy of your information, more than their own bottom line.

That's why we designed votetrends to be anonymous from the ground up. All you need to register for votetrends is a valid email address. That's it! From there, every poll you write, and every vote you make, is completely anonymous. We believe this frees our users up to answer questions with complete honesty. We want to know your true opinions, and that wouldn't be possible if your privacy weren't our top priority.

So when you register for votetrends, and every time you vote, know that your anonymity is protected.

Thanks for reading, and happy voting!


  1. Great post! Online privacy is extremely important to me.

  2. I agree. I wish more websites respected my privacy!